Anhui Wonderful-wall Color Coating Aluminium Science Technology Co., Ltd.

Driven by dual-core domestic and foreign trade, Anhui Wonderful-wall focuses on the 130th Canton Fair

Oct 23 , 2021

           On October 14, the 130th China Import and Export Fair and the Pearl River International Trade Forum officially opened. Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony and visited the Enterprise Pavilion. 26,000 companies from home and abroad gathered together to showcase their superior products and innovative products through a combination of online and offline models. This exhibition provides a trade cooperation platform with more complete functions, better services, better experience, and higher efficiency for exhibitors all over the world.

        Anhui Wonderful-wall color coated aluminum company is led by the chief technical engineer and joined the foreign trade team to participate in the exhibition. The booth stood out from the standard booth through the careful arrangement in the early stage, which gave people a bright feeling and attracted many visitors to stop. Under the trend that China's foreign trade is generally improving and global market demand is picking up, Anhui Qianghuangcai Aluminum wants to check in the 130th Canton Fair to find a new round of business opportunities and boost confidence and morale in the development of foreign trade.

Compared with the “crowd of people” scene of the previous Canton Fair, the number of participants, especially foreign buyers, has decreased. However, multiple “first” innovations, such as the first online and offline integration, and the first to promote domestic and international dual cycles, will lead a new round of corporate innovation and corporate transformation and upgrading.

Anhui Qianghuangcai Aluminum has gained a lot from this exhibition. First, despite the obvious decrease of overseas merchants, the number of visits from domestic offices and traders has increased, and the time spent staying and communicating has increased significantly; second, affected by the increase in the price of bulk materials, this exhibition has provided many peers with rare and valuable products. Exchange opportunities have increased opportunities for product differentiation and cross-cooperation; third, due to the limited booths, exhibitors are all leaders in all walks of life, providing us with an example of learning. At the same time, it is also a good time to enhance our company's corporate image and brand awareness.
I believe that through the 130th Canton Fair, Anhui Qianghuang Color Aluminum will be able to apply what it has learned, while implementing the national foreign trade development strategy, leading a new round of reform and innovation, continuously expanding export volume, and contributing to the promotion of local economic development and even the country’s open economy. Positive power.

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